Potsdam, Germany

Invited Competition 2010

Completing the urban block and a new Synagogue, Potsdam.

Potsdam is located about 15 miles south west of Berlin. The urban concept required the design to complete the body of the city block in an appropriate historic massing and proportion to conform to the overarching master-plan developed for this area.

The proposal expresses the new Synagogue within this framework as an independent and characteristic part of the urban pattern. However, as a building of public and religious significance, the Synagogue Hall is allowed to create a special condition and is rotated by 30° to face toward Jerusalem.

Due to the fragmented orthogonal plan, this rotation creates a strong rhythm of vertical slots and edges over the front façade to express the special social imperative of the building.










Islands of seating are illuminated with daylight from above. When seating is not required, curtains are lowered from above to change the scale of the hall